Our series on marketing your business and brand through offline methods continues (see last week’s part 2 here). These tips will help make you one of the most recognized and potentially fastest growing companies in your area.

21: Participate in Trade Shows

Trade shows differ from community events in that they are specifically focused on one particular industry. Becoming an exhibitor at these shows can get you networking on a national level and can help you spread your name far and wide.

22: Write a Letter to the Editor

You can get your name in the local paper by writing an opinion piece or letter to the editor about a local problem that your company can solve. Make sure to focus on the issue at hand at first, then introduce your company when you discuss solutions.

23: Send out Holiday Cards

Keep a list of valued clients that you want to cultivate further and send out holiday cards at certain times of the year to those clients. Christmas and New Year’s are always good holidays to market around, but you can focus on other holidays as it fits your brand. Make sure to personalize these cards as much as possible.

24: Ask Customers for Advice

Ask customers to participate in surveys or advisory panels when you want to implement a new idea. You can offer a small prize for participation, and many potential new customers will be happy to be a part of your company’s new direction.

25: Design Branded Calendars

Everybody needs a calendar, and many people love to receive free calendars around the beginning of a new year. By putting your brand on a calendar, you will have customers looking at your logo and contact information throughout the year.

26: Follow Up on Sales

When you do bring in a new customer, make sure they feel valued through a follow up call or mailing. This will drive home the fact that they are valued and respected, which will get them coming back and also get them to recommend you to others.

27: Host a Special Event

Throw the occasional party or other special event to your most valued customers. This will make your selected customers feel like they are part of a special group, and it will also encourage others to do what must be done to become part of that group.

28: Advertise in the Yellow Pages

Never underestimate the power of the Yellow Pages. Even now, many people use the phone book as a way of finding a necessary service. Take out an ad in the phone book to make sure you aren’t just a name and number.

29: Advertise on Buses

Buses can be found almost everywhere, and the ads on the sides of a bus are seen by hundreds if not thousands of people a day. Put your brand out there and you will become a trusted brand very quickly.

30: Consider Public Broadcasting

Broadcasting on public television can be a good way to get your name out. You can put up some quality content and get more viewers than you might think. This is often cheaper than cable advertising, too.

Join us next week (see part 4 here) as the trek through more offline marketing channels continues. You’ll be very surprised at some of the great marketing venues out there that you haven’t yet explored.


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