One of the benefits to offline marketing is that you can use it to drive more online traffic as well. Some more tips to help get your brand out there for new audiences are included below (part 1 here).

11: Consider a Company Car

If your job brings you on the road in the local area, consider some transfers that can turn your vehicle into a company car. By putting your logo on the side of the door, you’ll be catching the eye of people in traffic and parking lots.

12: Coordinate with other Businesses

You don’t have to view other companies as your competitors all the time. Look for ways that you can team up with other synergistic businesses and offer something to the community that will get both of your names out into the public.

13: Offer Free Pamphlets

If your customers need to be informed about what you offer, put out some free pamphlets that you can distribute in schools, offices, and at local events. These can be as educational as you need them to be and largely devoid of sales pitches as long as your logo is prominently displayed.

14: Ask for Testimonials

If you have satisfied customers, ask them to write testimonials for you. If you can afford ad space on TV or the radio, have them read these testimonials to show how real people benefit from your brand.

15: Write up Press Releases

Whenever you have something new to share, you should write up a press release about it. By sticking to the standard format used in most press releases, you will be able to distribute this not only through your own business channels but also to other media outlets.

16: Sponsor Local Sports Teams

Help out your community and win some good will by sponsoring a local community or youth sports team. Your logo will be displayed and your sponsorship will be mentioned. Most importantly, you will have a hand in helping to improve your community, so everybody wins.

17: Present Products as Prizes

Keep an ear out for local contests and offer a product or gift basket from your company as a prize for the winners. Whether it is a spelling bee or a sporting event, this gives you another chance to reward somebody for a job well done while also getting support for your business.

18: Hold a Writing Contest

Tap into the local schools by offering a writing contest to local students. Have them write about a topic that is meaningful to your company, particularly if it is an issue that your products can solve.

19: Offer Group Discounts

Choose a group that you want to get more business with, such as students or seniors, and offer them a discount on your products. A good target for this discount is 10% to 15% – a rate that allows you to still make a profit while drawing in new business from those groups.

20: Make your Business Part of the Conversation

While you shouldn’t force it into every conversation, you should be your best marketer. Make sure you bring up your brand whenever possible and let other people know how you can help them. This is the key to generating solid word of mouth marketing.

We’re not quite halfway through our list, so check back next week (see part 3 here) for more ideas. Put these into action as soon as possible and you won’t be disappointed.


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