After much anticipation, this week marks the official return to school for many students around the world. That means another shift in buying habits, as back to school sales give way to advertising that caters to parents who are working or staying at home alone during the school day. Some of the shifting trends in the Internet marketing world are reflected below.

Are you Prepared for when Google goes Down?

Google went down worldwide for between one and five minutes this week, which is an unprecedented amount of downtime for the search engine giant. The cost to Google was about half a million dollars, but many other companies took a significant hit as well. Internet traffic as a whole dropped by 40% during this downtime, which can send troubling messages to marketers. You should be sure to work on high placement with Google’s alternatives, such as and local listings, so users can find your site even if the unexpected occurs again.

LinkedIn Adds University Pages

Just in time for students to move into school, LinkedIn has now introduced University Pages as a way to get college students on board with the social media network. This signals a move by LinkedIn to try to get younger, while also providing universities with a marketing boom. If you have dealings with these institutions, this may be useful to you. If not, you should still be able to profit from the improved demographics and yet another way to connect to your customers on a personal level.

J. Crew Releases Pinterest Catalog

Some companies are still wondering about the power of Pinterest, but not J. Crew. The company released its new catalog via Pinterest, moving entirely onto the web and away from its traditional glossy mailings. This opens the door to many possibilities for other companies as well. Do you have a product catalog that might fit on a Pinterest page? If so, you should consider the transition, even if the online catalog is not a full replacement like it is for J. Crew.

Looking Ahead to SMX East

The Search Marketing Expo, or SMX, is always on the move and adding new events to its calendar. The next one on the horizon is SMX East 2013, which is scheduled from October 1st through the 3rd. Registration is now open, and attendees will be able to take part in seminars such as link building, AdWords training, SEO use, and more. The event is set for New York, New York, so consider stopping by if you are in the area and want to learn some useful new marketing tips.

This Week’s Marketing Tips: Scheduling your Posts

Have you ever posted something on Facebook and Twitter only to find out that the majority of your customers are offline? It happens to many companies and can generally be avoided by timing your posts. By shooting for lunchtime or after work, you are more likely to be seen in social media networks. Man y blogging sites, including WordPress and Blogger, have the ability to schedule posts instead of adding them immediately. Google+ recently got into the fray with its Buffer service, which allows you to time your posts. You should strongly consider these tools to make sure that you maximize your social media exposure.

Next week brings us to the very cusp of September, which will also bring some interesting new trends as people prepare for Labor Day weekend. Be sure to check back here then!


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