While there is a very good reason to focus on online marketing for your business, it’s important not to overlook the offline aspects of marketing, either. This series will explore 50 different ways that you can get your company’s name out while offline.

1: Invest in Business Cards

You should make sure to always have a supply of company business cards, as well as customized cards for marketing and communications officers. Be sure that you have the company’s logo prominently displayed and preferably in full color. Give these cards out as often as you are able.

2: Offer Branded Merchandise

You should have some merchandise printed up with your company logo. You can give these items out at events and as prizes. The merchandise should be in keeping with your company’s theme. For example, a fitness organization can benefit from branded water bottles.

3: Host an Open House

If you business generates product or has another interesting day to day routine, consider opening up to the public in a special event. An open house will give your customers a chance to see behind the scenes and can generate a lot of buzz about your business.

4: Post Flyers

If you have a business that might draw interest from college students, consider posting flyers with your business logo and information at a local university or community college. You can also distribute flyers to other areas that might draw interest, from laundromats to libraries to daycare centers.

5: Keep an Eye on Local Events

Local communities are always holding fairs and events that you can use to promote your business. Even if you can’t afford an exhibitor booth, you can promote yourself through flyers and business cards at these events.

6: Attend Networking Events

Many areas have regular networking events where people swap information about their business and form connections. These events are especially useful to attend if you engage in any business to business marketing.

7: Print up Catalogs

If you have product to sell, you should print up catalogs. Even if you have an online catalog, having a print one is useful. You can distribute them in medical offices, community centers, and other areas where people might casually pick them up.

8: Reach Out to Radio Stations

Check with your local radio stations to see if you can get time either for advertising or to run a contest that will get people excited about your product. Many radio stations bundle prizes together, meaning that you should be able to get a lot of interest.

9: Donate Product

When a charity or other nonprofit organization runs an event in your area, you should consider helping out by donating product whenever possible. This will get your logo out there as a supporter, generate goodwill in your community, and help a good cause.

10: Pitch News Stories

Many local newspapers are eager to run stories about area businesses. If you have something newsworthy, you should pitch it to an editor and see if you can get them to run with the story. That will draw readers to check out your company in more detail.

The tips above are just the beginning of our list. Check back next week (part 2 here) to get more information about how you can market your business offline.


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