This week wraps up our five part series (see part 4 here) on marketing your business online. With these resources, you should see a significant boost

41: Use a Good Spam Filter

According Akismet, more than 93% of blog comments are spam. In order to make sure that people take your blog seriously, you should use a good spam filter and also carefully guard against spam at all times. This is an indirect form of marketing but will make sure your website is marketed properly.

42: Create a Glossary

You should reserve a section of your website for a glossary of terms relating to your industry. This will help you greatly with search engine placement and will establish your site as an authority in the industry.

43: Consider Adding a Forum

Especially if you are focused on the entertainment industry, you should consider adding a message board that will allow your customers to interact with each other. You should be sure to only do this if you can attract comments, however, as nobody wants to be part of a dead forum.

44: Establish a Consistent Theme for your Website

Maintaining a good look across all aspects of your site is important. Make sure to establish a color set and graphical theme that you will not have to vary from page to page. Your customers should always recognize where they are immediately.

45: Allow Many Online Payment Methods

Allowing customers to pay using online wallets such as Paypal or Bitcoin. By allowing multiple payment methods, you give your customers more flexibility. Just make sure that you only allow payment methods that are secure.

46: Hire a Content Writer if Necessary

Not everybody is cut out to write online content. If your content seems to be lacking something, consider seeking out a professional content writer. Many professionals will hire out on a per diem rate and will bring in more than enough customers to make it worth your while.

47: End Blog Entries with a Question

Adding a question at the end of your blog entries will stimulate readers’ minds and encourage conversation. It will also get readers interacting with one another, especially if they are passionate on the subject.

48: Create a Privacy Policy

Make sure to prominently post a privacy policy on your website that shares exactly what information is shared when your customers use their website. This will make things more transparent and also encourage trust.

49: Offer Multilingual Support if Possible

If you want to increase your reach with foreign users, you should make sure to offer support in different languages. However, you should make sure that you have professional translators on staff or hire out a translation company, as a poor translation will hurt you more than it will help.

50: Add an Email Signature

In any professional emails, you should link back to your website in your signature. You should also include this in any post you make on forums in your industry.

This concludes our series on online marketing, but be sure to tune in next week when we explore ways to market your company offline.


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