One of the most important things to do when marketing your business online is to make sure that you use the full range of social resources out there. This part (check out part 3 here) of our series covers, among other things, some of the many online resources that people use to find out about new businesses.

31: Start a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is currently overhauling its social network in an attempt to make it more business friendly. Using their new Company Page option allows you to get access to better analytics and data that can allow you to target new customers more effectively.

32: Use Pinterest to Connect your Media

Pinterest is the top social media site in the world when it comes to converting page views to sales. Because you are able to pin almost anything, you can use this service as a hub that can draw attention to your website, blog, and social media outlets, all without having to force customers to search through many different sites to find the right material.

33: Create a Mobile Version of Your Website

Whenever you update your website, you should test it on a mobile platform to make sure that it is easy to use from a smartphone or a tablet. If it is not, edit things appropriately so that mobile users can easily access the information you want them to.

34: Use Photo Sharing Services

Photo sharing services like Instagram can help you develop your brand. Try posting themed pictures that feature your brand prominently, or hold contests that give out prizes to users who post the best picture that has your brand in it.

35: Use Promoted Posts

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all offer promoted post services in which you pay to have your ad placed in select users’ newsfeeds. These promoted posts get more looks than typical ads and are usually well worth the extra fee they involve.

36: Cater to Multitaskers

Because it is so easy to have multiple tabs open and applications running at once, people have more of a tendency to multitask while browsing the Internet. You can help draw these multitaskers to your site by including interesting graphics and small, simple bits of useful information that they can look over while they are waiting for other sites to load.

37: Use QR Codes

A QR code, which is short for Quick Response code, is a good way to allow users to use coupons and promotions in a simple way. This simple barcode can be scanned by most machines and mobile devices and printed from a standard printer. By using these codes in connection with promotions and other services, users will have an easier time using your online store.

38: Use Different Meta Descriptions

A meta description is invisible text utilized by a search engine that can give users a look at what your site has to offer before they visit. If you use this text but vary it to give each section of your site a different description, you have a better chance of getting ranked highly on search engines.

39: Keep up with Trending News

If there is some big news that is relevant to a product or service that you provide, provide updates regarding that news. For example, sites that sell baby products had a major advantage if they mentioned the birth of the new Prince of England during the summer of 2013. However, you should keep in mind…

40: Don’t be a Copycat

When you post news stories, make sure that you don’t copy anything verbatim. If you use too much content that is used at other sites, your search engine placement will drop significantly.

Visit us again next week for the wrap up to this series and the final tips that can help you bring your business to the highest possible level of visibility.


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