This week marks the beginning of a mad dash toward the end of summer. From social media to traditional marketing, companies are focused on people buying school supplies and preparing for the slide into fall and the final quarter of the year. This week’s most important Internet marketing notes are included below.

LinkedIn Launches new Analytics

Continuing its recent overhaul in an attempt to attract more businesses to the social network, LinkedIn has launched a new Company Page system that offers a host of new analytics. This includes the ability to track your follower growth so you can see exactly what sort of reach your company has on the network. The new analytics also allow you to track specific post performance. If you have a LinkedIn page, you may wish to check out the Company Page addition to see if it fits with your business plan.

Changes to Facebook Impact Marketers

Facebook has made two major changes this week that can impact online marketing strategy. First off, the social media network now allows the embedding of posts. This means that you can pick and choose content from your Facebook page to post on your website, thus making for more interactivity between the two marketing venues. Secondly, Facebook intends to allow advertisers to purchase 15 second video ads that will appear on the site. While the current cost of the video ads is quite expensive, that cost is expected to drop over time, making for a service that might be very useful for advertisers who want the added benefits that come with video ads.

Google+ Shows Stronger Search Engine Correlations

When it comes to improving your ranking in search engines, it looks like Google+ is the social network to focus on. A recent report by Searchmetrics indicated that sites that have a lot of +1s tend to rank higher in search engines than sites with retweets or likes on Twitter or Facebook, respectively. This makes sense, since Google is still the world’s top search engine, but it is worth keeping in mind when it comes to deciding where you should allocate your social media resources.

High Profile Speakers at Next Month’s Content Marketing World

Content Marketing World 2013 is an upcoming Internet marketing event that will occur from September 9th through the 12th in Cleveland, Ohio. This conference will include many different high profile speakers, including actor and author William Shatner of Star Trek fame, Jonathan Mildenhall from Coca Cola, and Martin Baker from Hershey’s. The conference promises to have many expert speakers in many different industries, and might be well worth your time to attend.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Show your Security

Cybercrime is one of the growing problems in the world, and it affects everybody who gets online on a regular basis. Because so much of marketing is a matter of building up trust between yourself and your customers, your site security can be a difference maker when it comes to sales. Make sure that you use at least 128 bit SSL encryption, if not 256 bit. Moreover, make sure that you advertise this secure connection, preferably with a graphic indicating your site security or with an entry in your site’s FAQ section. Doing so will let customers know that they are safe when shopping with you, which will in turn give them a better sense of comfort around your brand.

The major social media networks are beginning some major overhauls which will affect Internet marketing moving forward. Check back here next week for these and other developments.


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