This week’s part of our series takes us past the halfway point in our list (part 2 can be found here). As you will see, however, there are many more possibilities waiting to be explored. Read on for some more ideas for online ways to market your business.

21: Use Relevant Links

If you have a blog or news section, your newest stories might touch upon something that you have written about before. In those cases, link back to those older news stories in the text of your article. That will give readers another place to go, which may get them interested in other parts of your site.

22: Keep Track of Pingbacks

WordPress and other blog focused sites show pingbacks, which notifies you as to which sites are linking to your own entries. Keep track of these and observe those other sites. If the sites giving you pingbacks are relevant to your business, you might want to consider a partnership or at least a joint marketing venture at some point.

23: Consider Sponsored Social Media Posts

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all offer sponsored posts for online advertisers. These place your ads right in users’ newsfeeds instead of limiting them to an area that the eye might not go. Newsfeed items are more likely to be seen and more likely to be clicked on.

24: Explore Content Partnerships

You can offer content to other websites that have a similar mission statement to yours. As long as the site links back to yours, this gives them content while also exposing your business to people who might not otherwise find you.

25: Offer Free Content

A free sample can go a long way. If you have paid content on your site, consider offering some of it for free either as part of a trial period or as an occasional promotion. This will give non paying customers a sample of what they are missing.

26: Offer Special Bonuses to Subscribers

On the flip side of free content, make sure that subscribers to your site or newsletter get something special for subscribing. Offering prizes, discounts, or other bonuses to subscribers will encourage those who get hooked on your free content to take the next step.

27: Offer Link Exchanges

Reach out to companies that are similar in purpose to your business but which are not direct competitors and offer to post their link on your site in exchange for the same courtesy from them. This will increase the likelihood of prospective customers visiting your company’s website on a whim.

28: Host a Live Chat

While having an extensive FAQ section and responding well to customer emails is helpful, you can also put a personal touch on matters by talking with customers directly. Do an occasional live chat and allow customers to ask their own questions and get candid answers. Just make sure you prepare for the session well.

29: Try an AMA

Make use of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) tradition by hosting your own AMA. Set a specific time aside to take questions, and then respond diligently. This will build up a lot of favor in the online world.

30: Make Use of Online Surveys

Do an occasional online survey, ideally with a chance to win a small prize by responding, in order to make sure that you have a good handle on what your customers want. The more you listen to your customers, the longer your reach will be.

There are still many more online marketing ideas to come. Try the advice outlined above and stay tuned next week for the continuation of our series.


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