Has you business been keeping up on the latest Internet marketing trends? From new social media innovations to upcoming conferences, this week has been another eventful one in the business. Read on to find out more.

Advertising in Schools?

From grade school to colleges across the country, schools are embracing social media like never before. Recent reports indicate that some companies are trying to take advantage of this trend by target marketing directly to students. From taking out ads on informational sites that students might look to for writing their papers, to getting ad space on social media sites that might even be displayed in classes, companies are finding new ways to target students. If a teenage or young adult population is among your target audience, this may be a trend worth looking into. While such advertising has not been shown to substantially increase clickthrough rates, it has boosted brand exposure for many companies.

Affiliate Summit East 2013 Set for Next Month

The useful Internet marketing conference Affiliate Summit East will be holding its 2013 session at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next month. Set for August 18th through the 20th, this conference will feature CEOs and founders from PushFire, BCT Partners, and SEER Interactive, among others. Registration is now open, and the conference will provide some very useful marketing and social media tips for anybody who is able to attend. This is a great conference to keep an eye on if you are on the east coast.

Internet Overtakes TV with Baby Boomers

TV, long known as the center of traditional advertising with the key Baby Boomer demographic, has officially been overtaken by the Internet, according to a recent study by Ipsos and Google. The Baby Boomer generation now spends more time on average browsing the Internet than watching television. That means that many companies will be shifting their marketing strategies in the near future if they have not done so already. If your company has a large TV advertising budget, you should consider scaling it back to give more focus on online marketing.

Yahoo! Buys Admovate

Continuing its reinvention for the modern age, Yahoo! has bought the ad tech company Admovate. The Mountain View, California company joins Tumblr and other major online marketing resources in Yahoo!’s attempt to recreate itself as a modern day Internet giant. The purchase of Admovate indicates the search engine company’s major push to become an advertising force again. If you are looking for an alternate advertising venue than what you already have, continue to monitor Yahoo!, which is making waves and may become a force once more in the future.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: A Strong Site Search

Research indicates that a strong site search is preferred by many different customers, especially B2B buyers. A good site search can make finding what you are looking for much easier and can also draw customers to other related items. Google is the most popular search app in this regard, although Bing and Yahoo! Also have search apps that are useful. In addition to a good site search, you should also make sure to provide tags with any entries, news stories, and products whenever possible. This will enhance your site search and increase the chance of customers remaining on your site longer.

Late July and early August begins registrations for a number of different social media and Internet conferences that will be held during the latter part of the year. Come back next week for more information on these conferences as it becomes available.


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