Many marketing companies now have their strategy in place for this quarter and are beginning to look forward to the next and final quarter of the year. While it pays to look ahead, there are also things out there that can help you now, which as detailed below.

Upcoming BlogWell Conferences

BlogWell is a series of Internet marketing conferences that are held every two months, and the newest one is just around the corner. The next BlogWell will be held on August 6th in the California Bay Area. These conferences feature eight different case studies on social media marketing, giving concrete examples from some of the biggest and most successful business out there as to what works and what doesn’t. Case studies at the August 6th event will include Coca Cola, Intel, Citrix, Xerox, and more.

Mobile Sales Continue to Skyrocket

Mobile marketing continues to be a focus in the industry, and with good reason. A recent study done by Affiliate Window shows that 22% of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Sales news is even better, as 18% of sales are made from a customer’s mobile device. That means a small gap between page visits and sales, which shows a very high conversion rate for mobile users. These statistics are all worth bearing in mind as you redesign websites and marketing strategies with mobile users in mind.

Major Keynotes at Upcoming Inbound Conference

Registration is now open for the Inbound marketing conference on August 19th through the 22nd, and some major speakers will be on hand. Currently, the massive marketing conference has over 100 speakers planned, and some of the higher profile speakers will include Arianna Huffington, the president of The Huffington Post, best selling author Seth Godin, and Nate Silver, founder of This conference represents a chance to learn from some of the biggest names in Internet marketing and should not be missed.

Personalized Ads Help Recapture Lost Customers

Recent research suggests that using a personalized ad instead of a generic one has a dramatic effect when it comes to recapturing lost customers. The average click through rate for display retargeting has proven to be ten times more effective than generic ads. A number of servers and web services now offer customized ads, and using them may allow you to bring back those who might not normally visit your site a second time.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: CEOs on Social Media

Do the leaders of your company use social media as a way to market your brand? If not, you might want to consider it. When a CEO or other business leader steps onto social media, many people pay more attention to your blogs and posts. This enhances your brand and increases the odds that customers will pay attention to what is being said. The posts don’t have to be anything earth shattering, but some behind the scenes thoughts and musings can be helpful. An example would be at, where the gaming company celebrated its tenth anniversary by having the CEO give a monthly “story hour” that talked about the company’s good times and bad as well as showing some behind the scenes info.

As people begin to wrap up their vacations and return to their normal routines, the world of Internet marketing will continue to shift. Be with us next week for the latest updates.


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