Summertime is usually a time to try out sales and new business strategies that can take advantage of the fact that people have different Internet usage habits in the summertime than they do throughout the rest of the year. To see what the newest trends are this summer, read on.

Build Business to be Held at End of Month

One way to combine summer fun with business savvy is to hold a marketing conference at Walt Disney World in Florida, which is where the Build Business conference will take place beginning on July 31st. This event will focus on helping those who are in the beginning phases of business building or who are restructuring their existing business. Registration is still open for this three day event, which is designed for business newcomers and experts alike.

Your Company may Already be Using Tailored Twitter Ads

Twitter has launched its tailored ads system, with a small group of businesses testing the functionality of the new setup. However, all businesses are using the newly launched system by default. Tailored ads allow businesses to show ads to specific users who have visited their website in the past. It also allows the possibility of email matching, using existing email addresses to match up to addresses entered into Twitter without generating a lot of spam mail for the user. If you would prefer to take a wait and see approach to the new system, you can opt out through an option in your account settings.

Facebook Relaxes Text Restrictions in Images

Facebook’s restrictive text allowances in profile pictures and cover pages has long been a bone of contention among business users. This week, Facebook announced that they are removing text restrictions on page covers, which will allow you to add your company name, website address, pricing, and more when creating your cover image. The only remaining restriction when it comes to cover images is that you can’t encourage others to share your image on their timeline. The restrictions on profile pictures still remain, although this will hopefully change in the future as well.

Yahoo! Buys Qwiki

In a bid to reinvent itself and move into the social media world, Yahoo! has recently acquired the photo sharing service Qwiki for a price reported to be between $40 and $50 million. Yahoo! apparently hopes that Qwiki can become their Instagram, which Facebook acquired in a blockbuster deal in 2012. During its existence, Qwiki has raised over $10 million from investors, and Yahoo! obviously sees it as a way to help them reinvent their brand. Whether the sale helps launch Yahoo! into the multimedia sharing world remains to be seen, but once again there is a new avenue for social sharing that your business might be able to take early advantage of.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Consider Email Marketing

A recent study performed by the marketing data company Custora suggests that while social media channels remain important in marketing, email has risen dramatically in terms of getting sales. Customers acquired through email from various companies quadrupled over the past four years. This might mean that a weekly newsletter or other email communication could help your business. Consider letting your customers sign up for regular mailings, through which you can highlight sales and news about your business. Your returns through such a project might surprise you.

The summer is still young, and many companies are still analyzing data from the first half of the year. Come back next week to find out more about the Internet marketing world.


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