We are now officially at the halfway point of 2013. Second quarter profits are being analyzed and companies are preparing to adjust their marketing strategies for the fast paced later half of 2013. Read on to learn more about how the marketing world has changed this week.

New Study Shows the Value of Organic Marketing

A new study by the predictive analytics platform Custora has reinforced the importance of organic results in online searches performed by the average user. Looking at top customer acquisition, the study revealed at 15.81% of customers are obtained organically, with the next highest total being through cost per click channels at 9.82%. Email marketing came in third and was one of the fastest grossing channels. This reinforces the importance of content in your web design, as solid content will drive organic results.

Instavideo Helps Increase Vine Hits

Last week, the Facebook owned network Instagram unveiled Instavideo, which allows users to share 15 second videos with each other. This week, it turns out that the increase in traffic that Instavideo has brought has also served to help Twitter’s Vine service, which reported a massive increase in hits over the last two months, with a major portion of those new hits coming from within the last week. This is evidence that whether you use Instavideo, Vine, or both, the important thing is not so much in which video service you use but rather that you use at least one of them to get the word about your company out.

Twitter to Develop Geo Targeted Ads for Businesses

Twitter is taking another step toward appealing to business users seeking to maximize their social media marketing. By the end of 2013, the social media site plans to unveil geo targeted ads that will allow businesses to focus their advertising by geographic region. The ads would be even more precise than just a general city or region, allowing users to focus on specific areas within a city. This is a potentially huge tool that can help you streamline your social media marketing, and it is worth keeping an eye on this situation as it develops.

Search Exchange Returns

Registration is now open for the Internet marketing conference Search Exchange, which has been held in previous years to great fanfare and which will occur in Charlotte, North Carolina from July 29th to July 31st this year. The speaker lineup includes addresses from Google, Majestic CEO, and Internet Marketing Ninjas, among other SEO and marketing companies. If you are in the southern United States or on the east cost, this is an excellent opportunity to hone your marketing skills.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Think about your Blogging Template

One often overlooked aspect to maintaining a professional blog is the importance of choosing the right template. Software such as WordPress and Blogger have vast libraries of premade templates, and it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which is right for you. In choosing a template, you should look for something that reflects your overall business philosophy but which also looks sleek and professional. Never sacrifice readability for anything, as the easy access to information is essential no matter what. By evaluating your blogging template, you can turn your blog and your website as a whole into something that stands out and interests many different potential customers.

Next month brings us into the full swing of summer. It is a time when many families are on vacation, which can mean major fluxes in profits and changes in marketing trends. Be sure to check back with us soon for more information.


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