We are almost halfway through the year already, and the Internet marketing field has changed quickly in 2013 so far. An extra focus has been put on content over keyword optimization and the importance of social media, and those trends continue this week. Read on to learn more about this week in Internet marketing.

MozCon Only Weeks Away

Just because content is now key in marketing doesn’t mean that SEO is no longer important. In fact, it is now more important than ever to know the ins and outs of SEO so you can combined optimization with content. MozCon, a marketing conference that focuses on SEO and inbound marketing, will be held at the Washington State Convention Center from July 8th through the 10th. With a focus on analytics, social media, and future thinking solutions, you can expect some discussion of key changes this year, such as the new Google search algorithms and what they mean for SEO.

Instavideo Arrives

The Facebook owned photo sharing network launched its new video sharing service, Instavideo, this week. This service, which is designed to compete with Twitter’s popular Vine service, offers 15 seconds of video and the ability to apply a filter to videos. The video is delayed slightly before being uploaded, which makes it less instant than Vine but which Instagram hopes will be overshadowed by the longer time limit and the ability to apply filters. Adding your own 15 seconds ads and exclusive videos via Instavideo may be a good new outlet for you to explore as the new service comes into its own.

One in Four People Worldwide Reached by Social Networking

For anybody who still questions the value of social media marketing, a new study released by eMarketer indicates that one in four people worldwide, or about 1.73 billion people, are reached via social networking. In terms of users worldwide, most can be found in Asia, Latin America, and North America. The use of images, links, and other additional media tends to increase worldwide marketing penetration. This study reaffirms the importance of social media as well as how necessary it is to make sure that your marketing has a visual element to it that can allow you to stand out from competitors.

Facebook Ends Sponsored Search Results

Not all social media marketing is going well, however. Facebook has officially terminated the use of sponsored search results, which previously had a high clickthrough rate at a very low cost per click ratio. Advertisers can still buy search products with ads, but the actual use of sponsored search results is now a thing of the past. If you use sponsored search results in your marketing campaigns, you will need to reallocate your resources elsewhere, possibly investing in some video or image based ads that will help you make up lost ground.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Encourage Site Sharing

With so much of this week’s focus being on the impact that social media marketing has, you should look at your own website and make sure that it is social media friendly. This includes adding the ability for customers to share content from your site. Blog entries should have one click options to allow customers to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other major social media sites. If you sell products directly through an online store, consider adding a button that allows consumers to announce their purchases on social media networks. This will get word out about your company and also bring in others who might be interested in similar products.

Next week brings the close of the second quarter of the year, so expect a lot of financial data and a few surprises as profits and losses get revealed. Come back next week for more news!


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