Trying to figure out where to invest your resources when it comes to Internet marketing can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several different conference and tips that can help you properly allocate your resources. This week’s newest information when it comes to Internet marketing is detailed below.

Facebook to Use Hashtags

In a move that has been a long time coming, Facebook will soon begin to incorporate hashtags into its interface. This is a huge boon to Internet marketers, who can now use these helpful tools to help draw others interested in a specific topic to their posts. Hashtags are currently used on Twitter and provide a great way for marketers to take advantage of trending topics and shared interests. Facebook’s move means that you can use many of your existing Twitter marketing tactics with Facebook as well now.

Matt Cutts Talks Panda at SMX Advanced

This week saw the SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle, Washington take place. One of the key speakers at this event was Google’s Matt Cutts, who talked about a variety of topics focused on the world’s top search engine. One of the topics discussed was Google Panda, which is a search algorithm that some businesses are having trouble navigating around. If you are one of those businesses, you can get information about Cutts’ advice through the SMX Advanced website, news sources about the conference, and social media stories. The advice comes straight from Google itself and can be invaluable to your search engine optimization techniques.

Velocity 2013 Almost Underway

Among the upcoming Internet marketing conferences of interest in the coming days is Velocity 2013, which will take place in Santa Clara, California from June 18th to the 20th. This conference will focus on web performance, site optimization, and updating your marketing strategies to the mobile web. Making plans to attend the conference on short notice might be difficult, but you can still participate by paying attention to the webinars and social media updates coming out of the conference. By tuning in online, you may just learn a thing or two about how to use your social media tools to increase your marketing impact.

Social/Mobile Boot Camp on its Way

Another upcoming conference that you should keep on your radar is the Social/Mobile Boot Camp, which will be held on June 27th and 28th in New York City. This conference is in person only, but if you are able to attend you will learn many tips about how to combine your social media marketing with mobile tactics. With so many people on mobile devices when they shop now, knowing how to get people to make the jump from a social media post to a buying page is very important, and this conference will help you increase your conversion rate.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: The Importance of B2B Marketing

Lost in the shuffle far too often when it comes to Internet marketing is the importance of B2B marketing. While reaching out to customers through social media and other means is important, B2B content allows you to form relations with other businesses not only on a marketing level but also on a branding level. Research indicates that customers closely associate businesses that communicate regularly, with partnerships or joint endeavors creating a strong relationship that lasts for years. B2B marketing is fortunately similar to other Internet marketing, in that content is kind. 87% of B2B buyers are drawn to a site due to its content, so by tuning up your content, you can draw in other businesses as well.

Next week finds us at the official beginning of summer, which means a major shift in buying habits and a huge boost in vacation spending. Be sure to check back then for more information about the current state of the Internet marketing world.


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