June is here, which means that we are nearing the end of the second quarter of the year 2013. Many companies are reevaluating their marketing techniques and working on their plans for the second half. The second half of the year includes both summer vacations and holidays, which means that the way you address your needs in the coming months will have a major impact on your business’s profits.

Upcoming B2B Conference

For those interested in learning more B2B techniques, the upcoming Sales 2.0 conference will be held on July 15th in Boston, Massachusetts. This marketing conference focuses on the challenges of B2B marketing and how to leverage new technologies to increase your communication and conversions. The conference also includes access to an extensive resource library that can be accessed between sessions and throughout the day. Registration is now open for those interested in taking advantage of the opportunities offered here.

Google AdWords now has Image Extensions

Google announced on Wednesday that image extensions for AdWords are now if beta. This service will allow users to display relevant images with their text ads. Currently, one in six searches on Google provides visual content. Advertisers will be allowed to choose which images get displayed with their text ads. This is a development that you should take advantage of if you are looking to be more cost effective with your ad budget. Image based ads take up more space and draw the attention of potential customers more effectively.

GigaOM Structure Approaches

June 19th and June 20th is the target date for the next major social media marketing conference. GigaOM Structure 2013 will be held on those dates in San Francisco, California. This conference will take a look forward at the social media marketing over the course of the next two years, with a special focus on cloud media. If you are interested in making some long term plans for your social media marketing agenda and also seeing what new technologies are expected to emerge, this will be a useful conference for you.

Vine Tops 13 Million Users

Twitter’s Vine service, which presents six second movies in the same social media format that many marketers have used to their advantage, has now topped 13 million users. In conjunction with that milestone, the service is now available to Android users, which should help it gain even more support. The milestone also provides the service with a bigger profile, giving you the advantage of exposure if you want to make the leap into it now. If you have short video content that you want to associate with your brand, you can now use that to reach a bigger mobile media audience than ever.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Focus on Content Curating

One of the oft overlooked positions in Internet marketing is that of a content curator. This is somebody who goes through existing marketing posts and blog entries, editing and updating information in order to keep it relevant. This is particularly useful in news stories that may have updates later on, or in entries dealing with technology that might receive an update. In marketing, good content curating means being able to direct customers interested in one of your past services to a new, more updated service. Content curating is effectively the new editing service in the blog world, and going through your own articles and entries on a regular basis can help keep them relevant long term.

By utilizing the tips above, you will be putting yourself in position to carry through the end of the second quarter and have a very productive summer. Tune in next week for more information from around the marketing world.


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