The big theme in Internet marketing this week is the globalization of the Worldwide Web. The Internet is growing, and even parts of the world that have very little in the way of technology are beginning to see its influence. To make sure that you don’t get left behind in these trends, read on to learn more.

Internet Trends Report Goes Live

The Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPBC) Internet Trends Report for 2013 was released on May 29th and has already seen almost a million visits. The KPBC report is a publicly available report on Internet trends that is updated every year. This year, the report indicates that there are more than 2.4 billion people online, and that the rate of use for mobile devices and particularly the iPad and iPhone is expanding rapidly. To see this and other reports, you can view the KPBC report online through the organization’s website or on Slideshare.

BlogWell Chicago Only a Few Weeks Away

The BlogWell series of conferences, which helps to emphasize the proper development of content on blogs and blog based websites, is coming to Chicago on June 19th. Sponsored by, this conference will focus on important tips to those who are developing blog content through popular tools such as WordPress, Blogger, and more. It will also include expert presentations targeted at providing tips to more advanced users. If you are planning on incorporating a blog as part of your Internet marketing, or if you simply have a blog section of your website that you are looking to expand upon, this conference should be able to help you.

Google to Use Blimps in Africa and Asia

In terms of expanding the Internet to even more users worldwide, Google is intending to expand wireless networks into Africa and Asia through the use of blimps. The search engine company will finance, build, and assist in the operation of high altitude blimps which will be used to deliver wireless communications. The target areas of this venture are sub-Saharan Africa and southeast Asia, which are currently low Internet usage areas. In total, this could mean millions more wireless customers in the future in a completely untapped market.

Google Adds Conversational Search Option

Another recent Google move is the unveiling of their conversational search feature, which brings voice to Internet searches. The search can operate in both a natural language and a semantic search mode, allowing people to try searches using a variety of different contexts. The search still needs some refining, but as of now it is currently available in Google Chrome, possibly drawing more interest to that browser. As the conversational search option enters the fine tuning stage, now is a good time to see if your brand can take advantage of it and possibly decide whether to focus on the natural or semantic search options.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Consider a Tab Based Approach

Almost all Internet browsers and now many mobile programs are making use of tab based browsing, where users can open several tabs within the same window. Gmail is bringing this option to email, and is in the process of rolling out its tab features which will allow users to break their mail types up into categories like Social, Promotions, Updates, and Primary, all while staying in the same window. By revamping your own marketing site, you can take advantage of this browsing method, providing information in related chunks that can be opened up in multiple tabs. This will result in more page views and higher ease of use for your customers.

The month of May is wrapping up, which means that the second quarter of 2013 is nearing its finish. Come back next week to learn more about the goings on within the Internet marketing world.


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