The Internet marketing world is waiting for more revisions from Google in the next few weeks, which may shake up SEO techniques once again. Several upcoming conferences and events will help marketers through these changes, and they are detailed below.

Google to Release Penguin 2.0

Google’s Penguin algorithm has shaken up the SEO world over the course of the past year, and things are about to take another interesting turn. Google announced this week that the search engine will release Penguin 2.0 soon, which is focused on cutting down web spam. While the details of this new update are not yet set, it is known that Google’s intent is to encourage web marketers to focus on strong content rather than repetitive use of keywords. That means that you can get a leg up on the eventual release by fine tuning your website and making sure that you provide good content throughout.

PubCon 2013 Opens Registration

Those who are looking for a way to combine content with strong SEO might be interested in PubCon 2013, which is being held in Las Vegas this fall. Set for October 22nd through the 24th, this event is one of the largest SEO conferences in the United States. In addition to traditional SEO and SEO integration with content based websites, this conference will also provide information about managing your social media reputation and optimization techniques for Twitter and Facebook. Registration for the conference is now open, allowing individuals an excellent resource for SEO optimization in the new marketing world.

Pinterest Introduces Rich Pins

The quickly rising social network Pinterest introduced a new feature that is excellent for ecommerce companies this week. Called Rich Pins, this new feature allows companies to list additional information next to images along with a brief description of the pin they are featuring. This is especially useful to Internet marketers because Pinterest users spend 70% more than buyers referred from non social media sites. If you haven’t established a presence on Pinterest yet, now is a great time to look into it so you can take advantage of the Rich Pins.

PDXDMC Begins its Final Countdown

The Portland, Oregon 5th Annual Digital Marketing Conference, also known as PDXDMC, will be held on June 18th and 19th this year, which means that there is less than one month to go to register. The event will provide a strong focus on social media marketing and networking. In addition to a variety of expert speakers on June 18th, June 19th will feature several social media “boot camps,” which will help those who are less experienced in social media marketing to get proficient and comfortable with this changing landscape.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Twitter Cards

Twitter has recently added six new Twitter Cards that can be very useful to lead generation and marketing. Twitter Cards are ways to provide additional content to your tweets when users choose to expand the tweet. By utilizing Twitter Cards in your social media marketing, you can include brand content and a call to action in each of your tweets, increasing the utility of your social media experience and providing users with more chances to use your content. The more proficient you become in using Twitter Cards, the more content you can provide while remaining under Twitter’s 140 character limit.

The Internet marketing world is on the brink of some major possible changes, especially in terms of SEO and social media marketing. Come back next week to see how these latest events are developing.


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