Social media continues to be the main driving force in Internet marketing this week, with Google+ making waves with a new design and studies reinforcing the importance of appealing to mobile customers. Additionally, there are some new seminars and events that might help you improve your Internet marketing presence and appeal.

ICE Retailer eCommerce Conference Opens for Registrations

The Internet Commerce Entrepreneurs (ICE) eCommerce Conference will be held on September 20th and 21st in Atlanta, Georgia, and early registration for this event is now open. This conference, which met with success in its inaugural year in 2012, will present sessions and seminars from more than 25 Internet and marketing experts from around the country. Some topics that will be highlighted this year include social media marketing, ePR, content strategy, and marketing automation. Internationally known author James Glossinger will serve as the conference’s keynote speaker.

Don’t Shift your Google+ Setting Just Yet

Google+ unveiled a new layout this week that mirrors Pinterest in its overall design, but that doesn’t mean that you should overhaul your Google+ page just yet. The stated goal of the new design is to more fully integrate all of Google’s services into one platform, but the new layout has been poorly received by many. Jeremiah Owyang and Chris Silva of dubbed the new design “a wreck,” and the response has generally been lukewarm. While it is likely that the criticism may die down over time, web marketers would be wise to wait for future tweaks to the new look before fully committing to a Google+ redesign.

FDA to Offer Virtual Conference

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a lot of changing regulations that make it difficult for many companies, especially those who market in the pharmaceuticals industry, to keep up. In hopes of clarifying things, the FDA has announced that it will hold a virtual conference on its social media channels on May 30th. The conference, “Practical Tips and Tools to Use in the Absence of FDA Guidance,” will occur on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and is designed to provide some information where the FDA has previously given no guidance. If you are involved in an FDA regulated industry, this is definitely something that should be on your radar.

Google Launches Content Recommendation Engine

In an effort to enhance the online experience for mobile users, Google added another tool to its platform this week, giving site developers the ability to add mobile content recommendations. By adding a single line of code to a mobile site, companies can now direct users to content that might interest them. The hope is that this will negate the high bounce rates experienced among potential mobile customers. The launch partner for this service is Forbes, but it is also available to any website that might be interested in improving the mobile experience.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Create a Visual Brand

Many people consider themselves visual learners, believing that they can perform better when they see something done first rather than just being told about it. In reality, this is true of almost everybody, and not just on a learning level. People respond to marketing better when there is a visual brand they can associate a product or service with – a collection of images, animations, and videos that tie everything together. Look through your website and highlight areas that are too text dense, with the ultimate goal of adding text, infographics, or something else that can help people visually identify your brand. As a rule of thumb, replacing 10% of your text with images will net you huge results.

We are now more than halfway through the month of May, which means that the race to summer vacations and second quarter projections has begun. Come back next week for more news and advice from the Internet marketing world.


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