Some of the lessons learned about Internet marketing this week includes a recent study discussing online tracking. Recent studies suggest that 64% of customers want ads relevant to their interests, which means that participating in online social channels is more important to marketing than ever. With that in mind, let’s look at this week’s news.

SMX Advanced Releases Speaker List

Search Marketing Expo Advanced 2013, which will be held on June 11th and 12th in Seattle, Washington, has released its list of featured speakers for this year’s conference. The conference, which covers popular search engine marketing techniques, has been sold out every year since its inception in 2007. Some of this year’s topics include Google AdWords, international searches, and social media community management. The early bird discount for the event has sold out, but registrations will still be taken up to the start of the event next month.

Another Reason to go Mobile

Recent studies have given online marketers another reason to target mobile users: they tend to spend more in online stores. Mobile users are not only almost 80% likely to shop online exclusively from their devices, but they are 84% likely to use their phones to help them shop even in brick and mortar stores. Furthermore, they tend to spend up to 50% more than customers using stationary computers and other older devices. Many companies are already taking advantage of these trends by catering to mobile shoppers, and this latest study is just another reason to revamp your online store to be more mobile friendly if you have not already done so.

Social Media Strategies Summit Approaches

The latest Social Media Strategies Summit is approaching on June 12th and 13th. Some of the goals of this conference are optimizing your organization’s Facebook presence, increasing search engine optimization in the wake of new revisions to major search engines, and how to leverage word of mouth marketing. The summit is held multiple times per year, with the upcoming conference occurring in New York City. Registration is now open, and webinars are available for some of the topics that will be discussed if you are unable to attend.

RipOff Report Expands

RipOff Report, which is used by millions of consumers to avoid companies that have a high level of consumer complaints, has announced an updated their service to include a paid service to companies that can help them avoid getting a negative record. For a monthly fee, companies can receive a notification  when they receive a critical review on RipOff Report. From there, they are given a two week period to resolve the complaint, thus avoiding the black mark. While your company ideally avoids the RipOff Report entirely, taking advantage of this service can help you resolve potential problems and improve your social presence and word of mouth marketing.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Consider a Paid YouTube Channel

YouTube has recently opened up its paid channel program, which has a small fee for users who wish to view the content. If you already have a YouTube presence, it would be a good time to offer premium content to users willing to pay. Not only does this help give your most loyal customers a bit of a bonus, but it also represents a more guaranteed source of income. Do note that you should be sure to give your customers what they pay for – providing the same level of content that you normally offer for free would be counter-productive, so try to add a twist such as expanded content, a behind the scenes look, or something with higher than normal production values.

Social media conveniences continue to be the primary influence on the Internet marketing world, so make sure you stay abreast of the latest updates. Come back next week for more useful conferences, new developments, and marketing tips.


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