Many people look at summer as a time of entertainment, awash with vacations and blockbuster movies. If you have something that caters to entertainment, now is a good time to kick your marketing campaign into overdrive. If you need other ideas for your Internet marketing campaign, read on for this week’s news.

LinkedIn Adds Rich Media to Profiles

LinkedIn, which is one of the top social networking sites for business, has improved profiles by adding the ability for companies to use rich media in their profile pages. This allows you to add video, high-definition images, and more to make your company’s profile more interesting to potential customers. You can also use the “Share an update” box to increase exposure for your brand. This is a very useful new feature largely because LinkedIn is so useful in marketing and B2B relations.

Registration Opens for Affiliate Summer East

Registration has recently opened for the SEO marketing conference known as Affiliate Summer East 2013, which will take place from August 18th to 20th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Keynote speakers at the event will include founders and CEOs from such companies as PushFire, BCT Partners, and SEER Interactive. Because there is still so much time before the event actually begins, you can start making plans now if you want to take part in the SEO and other online marketing tips provided through this live conference.

Twitter Now Ready for all US Advertisers

Twitter has been testing their self-serve ad platform for over a year, and so far those allowed to take advantage of the platform have been invited companies only. That changes this week, as Twitter opened up its new ad platform to all US-based businesses. If you’ve been watching the ad platform with interest but weren’t invited, or if you’re just looking for a new way to take advantage of the Twitter phenomenon, you might be able to use this new self-serve platform to increase your social media marketing capability.

Google Analytics Adds Real-Time Conversion Statistics

Google continued to improve its popular Analytics platform this week by adding a new feature that allows marketers to track the conversions they are getting from their websites in real time. Currently, the feature only monitors conversions pertaining to URL based goals, but there are plans to expand that to statistics such as time spent on a site and number of pages viewed per visit as well. Companies that are looking to refine their Analytics use even further can now check out stats on URL conversions, which can allow you to target specific pages for overhaul if they aren’t performing up to your expectations.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Take Control of Pinterest

Recent studies indicate that many companies are not using the popular social network Pinterest to its fullest potential. As many as 70% of pins in certain fields are generated by users rather than brands. This is especially true of the automotive and fashion industries, which often ignore Pinterest to their detriment. When used properly, Pinterest can be used to create a visual story about your brand, which can improve your overall conversions. If you focus on pinning relative content rather than letting your customers do it, you will be able to better control the flow of web traffic.

As we reach the middle of the second quarter of the year, various marketing tools and social media sites are implementing some drastic new changes. Combined with the variety of different marketing events happening during the calendar year, there is ample room for your Internet marketing techniques to continue to grow.


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