Do you have a business that caters to do it yourself project seekers or outdoor work? If so, now is your season to thrive as people get ready to improve their homes and yards. If not, there are still many new developments in the Internet marketing world, with the most interesting mentioned below.

HubSpot Moves to Rackspace

HubSpot, which provides software as service technology platforms to thousands of companies worldwide, will be moving its cloud-based marketing toolset over to Rackspace, which is a web hosting company in San Antonio, Texas. Information moved will include the company’s marketing toolset as well as support for HubSpot blogging, analytics, social media, email, automation, and keyword research. Users should not receive an interruption in services, but if you are one of the thousands of companies that use HubSpot for online marketing you should be aware that a new company will now be controlling your data and services.

Apartment Internet Marketing Conference Approaches

April 29th will kick off the Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) 2013 Conference, which will run until May 1st in Huntington Beach, California. The key focus on this year’s conference will be writing quality SEO content, which is an important focus for many businesses considering how SEO marketing has changed dramatically over the past year. The event will also include video awards and presentations by industry experts. Registration is still open, and even if you can’t make it to the event you can still participate by finding the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference on Facebook.

Twitter is the Top B2B Platform

While debate continues to rage over which social media network is the top dog, a recent Social Media Benchmarking Report has made it clear that Twitter rules the roost when it comes to B2B marketing. Success was measured by traffic to company websites first and the total number of followers second, so Twitter represents the most active of the social networks in business to business interactions. If you wish to enhance your B2B marketing plan, Twitter the place to go. However, don’t discount Google Plus, either, since those involved in the survey believe that Google’s social network is on the rise and will be up to three times more relevant in 2014 as it is now.

FP Reach Set to Begin in Toronto

The FP Reach 2013 conference will kick off on Friday, April 26th in Toronto, Ontario. This conference focuses on providing entrepreneurs and startup businesses with advice and expert training. The conference will include networking opportunities, case studies, and tips on the best marketing practices. Best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk will serve as the keynote speaker in this year’s conference. Registration is still open, so if you are in the northeast you can still make the conference.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Text Message Marketing

When it comes to small advertising bursts, text message marketing is proving to be more effective than Twitter, Facebook, or email. 98% of all text messages get read, and the average person checks their phone 150 times per day. Advertising by text works best when you have a list of known customers, however, as sending a cold text to somebody is more likely to irritate them. But when it comes to marketing new products to your existing customers, consider asking users to sign up for updates by text message. They are cost-effective and a great way to make sure that your ad gets read.

Keep these resources and tips in mind when it comes to planning your spring and early summer marketing strategy. They might help you revamp your plan and turn this summer into a very hot one for sales.


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