Social media marketing continues to become a major focus in the world of Internet advertising. As the year 2013 moves forward, each of the major social media networks is making significant updates that could affect your marketing plan. Read about these changes and other useful Internet marketing events below.

Google Updates Places for Business

One of the major social media overhauls coming up soon will be Google Places for Business, which will soon have a new interface and improved connectivity. The service will now allow users to connect directly to Google Plus to share photos, videos, and other posts related to individual businesses. Businesses that also use AdWords or Google Offers will be able to integrate them into their business listings. This new service may be very useful to keep an eye on if you have a physical location for your business that can be integrated into other Google social networks.

NACW Explores how to Differentiate yourself in Social Media

The National Association of Career Women (NACW) will be hosting a social media marketing conference focused on how to differentiate your brand from competitors on the different social media networks. The keynote address will be delivered by Darcy Guello of Guello Marketing, who will present “How to be Different When Everyone Looks the Same – 5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself on Social Media.” Although the NACW is focused mostly on career women, attendees of either gender are welcome.

DemandCon San Francisco Approaches

DemandCon, a sales and marketing conference held in various locations throughout the world, will take place in San Francisco in a matter of days. Although the San Francisco conference may be difficult to attend to those who are not in the area and have not had time to pre-register, the events discussed can be followed on Twitter using #DemandCon, and the conference’s website will also have some online content. When this conference, which will focus on B2B marketing, wraps up, the event will be on hold for six more months until early October 2013, when the event will be held in Boston.

Google Plus Gains Ground Against Facebook

The latest quarterly business reports suggest that Google Plus, after several years of trying, is finally beginning to gain ground on Facebook. Facebook, still the largest social media marketing outlet, currently holds 46% of the market, which is a 2% drop from the end of 2012. Google Plus, meanwhile, increased its share to 34%, an increase of 3%. While Facebook is still the go-to place for Internet marketing, this news is a reminder that diversifying your social media presence will help should the trends continue, particularly as networks like Google and Twitter continue to integrate with other services.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Making Press Releases Globally Relevant

Due to the lower barrier of entry when it comes to online news, many people are becoming jaded when it comes to business-specific press releases. You can improve your company’s press releases and draw new eyes to your business by focusing on stories that have global relevance. This involves making specific mention of your company’s achievements but also including a large top-down overview of the topic at hand that might draw in additional readers. For example, an achievement related to the auto industry can include a snapshot of the current state of the industry and how your product or service will improve it. Similarly, B2B news can share news about allied businesses to increase its relevance.

With many people focused on finishing tax returns and tracking their financial data this weekend, now is a good time to engage in some targeted Internet marketing that can help people with their finances or give them places to spend their refunds. Check back next week for more news as we move toward the end of April.


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