April is here, which means that the second quarter of the calendar year is underway. As spending habits shift and new plans are put into place, here’s the latest from the Internet marketing world.

Google Releases Analytics Update

Google Analytics is seeing a significant update that promises some significant changes in Internet marketing. Among the new updates include the ability to analyze events in real time, break down that real-time traffic into categories such as desktop, mobile, and tablet visitors, and compare real-time filtered data against overall real-time data. Google suggests that this is the first in a wave of new updates. If you make use of Google Analytics, you should check out the new real-time support, which may allow you to get more insight as to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Conference Approaches

Digital Marketing World will be holding a special social media marketing event on April 12th that should be of interest to many Internet marketers. Among some of the items that will be discussed are social media research, narrowcasting, and making your company more personable to social media followers. Registration is free and many of the topics can be accessed via the web, so there is a lot to learn for very little cost.

Facebook Gives Ads Manager an Update

Coinciding with Google’s Analytics update, Facebook unveiled an update to its Ads Manager system this week. The new manager is designed to allow Internet marketers to identify specific user actions before and after viewing a post, giving companies more insight as to how their customers take action. Whether you have an existing Facebook marketing campaign or are planning to start one up, now is a good time to pay close attention to this new feature so you can map out trends for the future.

Smart Insights Webinar

As part of its Smart Insights webinar series, the marketing company BrightTalk will be hosting a discussion about getting better results with creative content marketing on Friday, April 12th. This webinar will discuss the spending changes that companies are experiencing as many businesses spend more time and money on creating online content. It will then explore ways that a company can work on creating the highest quality content possible over a long period of time, this increasing a customer base and improving the overall customer experience. Since this is a webinar, it is accessible anywhere and is still taking registrations through to the start time next week.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Create Real-Time Social Media Content

Recent trends are demonstrating that customers become more engaged during real-time interactions with their brands of choice. This interaction can take the form of a webinar, social media hangout with select guests, or even just an immediate reaction to world events. During Super Bowl XLVII, for example, when power went out at the Superdome, Oreo posted a tweet that said simply, “You can still dunk in the dark” and got tens of thousands of responses as a result. While few companies have the reach that a giant like Oreo has, studies show that customers become more engaged through real-time content and are more likely to spread good word of mouth about a company that provides it.

With the social media giants of the world each trying to make their services more business friendly, now is an excellent time to be in Internet marketing. Stay tuned next week for more developments and advice on how to make the most out of your marketing strategies.


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