Now is the time to evaluate your company’s success through the early part of the year and adjust your business plan for changing trends in the Spring and Summer. As you start to tweak your marketing strategy, consider the news, advice and opportunities below.

Social Slam Prepares for 3rd Annual Conference

The social media marketing conference Social Slam will be held on April 5th in Knoxville, Tennessee. This event will include keynote speakers from social media marketing firms across the world, including London-based Gabrielle Laine-Peters and Xan Pearson, who works with the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago White Sox. Now in its third year, the conference will also include Social Slam Plus, a pre-event gathering to be held on April 4th. Registration is still open for this event, although the coordinators expect attendance to be full soon.

Google News Stresses Sponsored Content Guidelines

Richard Gingras, Google’s Senior Director of News & Social Products, posted a blog entry on the official Google News blog about promotional and commerce journalism. The blog entry emphasizes that Google will be putting forth a more stringent set of guidelines regarding Google News items. The goal of these guidelines is to avoid presenting news stories that are little more than ads for a specific company. This is a reminder to all companies that while Google News is an important way to get information about your organization out, the content of any news articles needs to focus on information, not promotion. This may be a signal to revise your press release style to make it more informational.

Schedule for Sales 2.0 Conferences Unveiled

A trio of B2B sales conferences dubbed Sales 2.0 will be held worldwide during the spring and summer. The conferences will each focus on B2B marketing, online communications, and social media solutions. The first Sales 2.0 event on the schedule is set for April 8th and 9th in San Francisco, California. Later events will be held on June 3rd in London, England and finally on July 15th in Boston, Massachusetts. This allows companies on the east or west coast, as well as those overseas, to take advantage of these marketing conferences without going too far out of their way.

LinkedIn Introduced “Smarter” Social Search

The business networking site LinkedIn, which is second only to Facebook in terms of social media marketing, has revised the way it handles the 5.7 billion-plus searches on the website. The streamlined search engine now includes features such as auto-complete, suggested searches, and a new query algorithm. It also has the option to show results in a list format for people, places, and businesses. This is a good time to create or revise your company’s LinkedIn profile, with a focus on not only relevance to your user base but also on titles and brief descriptions that will catch a potential customer’s eye when that person views search results in the new list format.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Bring your Brand to Video

A recent consumer survey performed by the e-commerce services company Invodo showed that more and more consumers are relying on videos to learn about new products and services. 57% of consumers were more confident in a brand if they saw a product video, which is up from 52% one year ago. Additionally, 41% of consumers are more likely to share your video than any other product content. In bringing your brand to video some strategies you will want to employ include presenting your product through a story of some sort, which gets viewer attention and is more likely to see a share. You should also display your company logo at times throughout a video, rather than just the very end.

The need to revise your search engine entries and news items is a chance to revitalize your brand and introduce it to a new audience. Whether you choose to go to video production or find out more about Internet marketing through one of the conferences mentioned above, you have a great many options to improve your brand as we continue through the year.


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