The approach of niche holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter bring with it a lot of specialty purchases and novelty items, which can be a short-term windfall for some e-commerce businesses. Read on to see how the approaching holidays and other events are impacting the Internet marketing world.

SES Conference Offers Sneak Preview

SES New York, an Internet marketing conference targeting marketing and advertising professionals, will be held from March 25-28. The coordinators of the conference have recently released a sneak peak that describes in detail what is expected to be one of their most popular sessions. The day one session, “Building the B2B Social Media Machine,” will be presented by Adriel Sanchez, the Senior Director of Demand Generation and Jasmine Sandler, the CEO of Agent-cy. Some of the areas discussed in the sneak peak include the mobile-social connection, social channel advertising, and social signaling for SEO. The conference itself will have options both for remote and local attendees.

Twitter and Windows 8

Is Windows 8 here to stay? That’s still debatable, but there are more and more users starting to accept the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system, and now companies that are important in the Internet marketing world are starting to migrate over as well. This week, the social media giant Twitter rolled out a new app for Windows 8 that allows users to snap Twitter to one side of the screen and then use another app. The app will allow users to see a marketing post on Twitter, then visit the site immediately without having to leave the social media conversation. This will allow greater freedom in social media marketing if you use that as a part of your business plan.

How Useful are Google Ads?

The online auction pioneer eBay has recently put out a study that suggests that Google ads are not as useful as many people assume them to be. Results of the study suggest that brand keyword ads have no short-term benefits at all, and that overall returns only barely recoup the cost of advertising. However, several other experts have provided rebuttals to the study, citing eBay’s previous conflicts with Google as a source of bias and pointing out that eBay itself may not be running an effective ad campaign. As the debate rages, now might be a good time to evaluate both sides of the argument and determine how much you are getting out of your Google ad campaign.

Registration Begins for SMX Advanced 2013

The Search Marketing Expo, or SMX, is a popular series of Internet marketing conference that occurs monthly around the world. Based on the success of this conference series, the expo has expanded since 2007 to include an annual SMX Advanced conference. Registration has now opened for SMX Advanced 2013, which will be held in June. The keynote speaker will be Google software engineer Matt Cutts. While the SMX series provides more general utility, the Advanced conference focuses exclusively on those already skilled at Internet marketing, with the goal of turning those experts into industry leaders. If you have long experience in marketing technology, this may be your chance to take the next step.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Cleaning up your Source Code

One oft-ignored piece of Internet marketing is the source code of your website, which may be holding your site back when it comes to web searches, especially if it triggers warning flags in Google’s Panda algorithm. Every three to six months, you should do an audit of your source code if possible. Some flags to watch for include service-side code bits like PHP or C# in brackets, text that blends into the background, and multiple lines of code from meta robots. Above all else, always make sure that the code matches up to what should be appearing on your page. By doing an audit of your source code, you are more likely to maintain your SEO ranks and avoid being locked out by search engine algorithms.

Next week marks the first official week of spring, which means that many in the consumer world will begin looking a season ahead and making plans for summer. Stay tuned to stay on the cutting edge of Internet marketing news.


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