The Internet in general and the social media world specifically are changing rapidly. This week’s internet marketing news details some of these changes as well as a few upcoming conferences that will help you to keep up and continue to succeed.

Adobe to Release Marketing Cloud Updates

Adobe recently unveiled some of the new revisions to its Marketing Cloud software, which will be on sale in the next quarter. In addition to more touch-screen functionality for tablets and smartphones, the software will also feature digital cards that allow coworkers to share embedded charts and pieces of advertising campaigns. This will make it easier for coworkers to collaborate on a single project without having to deal with network drives and older software programs. The new Marketing Cloud updates are being discussed this week at the Adobe Summit Conference, and notes from the gathering will soon be available for those who wish to keep up to date in the marketing software world.

Ajax Union to Host Networking Mixer

The SEO company Ajax Union will host a business networking mixer for various business professionals on March 12th. This mixer, which is to be held in New York City, is intended to give Internet marketers in a variety of different industries a chance to meet, network, and discover ways to synergize between different fields. The company has instituted these mixers as a monthly event and has met with a great deal of success, drawing business owners from the New York City area and further out. Ajax Union is taking reservations for this event and other networking mixers through their website, phone number, and Facebook page.

Registration Begins for iStrategy Global Digital Marketing Conference

iStrategy will be holding a digital marketing conference in Miami, Florida next month, and registration for this global conference is now available. The meeting will be held on April 23rd and 24th and features keynote speakers such as Facebook expert Mari Smith and ESPN mobile guru Michael Bayle. This conference will feature in-person sessions as well as events that can be viewed remotely, making it a very useful item to keep on your radar no matter where your company is based.

Is YouTube Outpacing TV?

Contemporary wisdom for many years has been that even though Internet marketing is cost effective and has a good reach, television has been one of the top advertising spots. However, a recent YouTube event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago demonstrated that for some demographics, TV ads are not getting the impact that YouTube has. The 18 to 34 demographic is more likely to see an ad on YouTube than traditional TV, and in fact many in that category don’t even subscribe to cable or satellite TV. If you are considering advertising on local TV, think about your demographic first. If it falls into that 18 to 34 age category, you might want to target YouTube ads instead.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: The Path to Social Success

The Intuit Small Business Blog at has shared a useful infographic targeted at small business owners who are looking to improve their social media marketing success. The 2013 Path to Social Success has an overarching theme for each quarter of the year. The first quarter involves taking an inventory of your existing social media marketing, and as we head into the second quarter the focus will be on building relationships. The infographic can be viewed as a roadmap of sorts for your Internet marketing business. You can see this infographic below.

The end of the first fiscal quarter of 2013 is almost here, which means that it’s time to start implementing your Internet marketing plans for the spring and beyond. Come back next week for more news and helpful tips.


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